What is radio-protection?

Radio-protection includes all the protective measures taken when using lead based materials. We guarantee that our employees are protected against the effects of ionizing radiation. In the sector of radio-protection, lead is used for a multitude of applications as it is capable of being isolated.

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The foundry

One of the principale lead foundries recognized in France Navylest International Foundry
Navylest International foundry melts a large range of lead products in the radio-protection sector.

POINTS OF VALUE : Due to its large capacity to absorb ionizing radiation, lead is a material of reference for the production of shields and for biologic/radiologic protection.

We offer protection solutions against radiation adapted to your specific needs.
Lead is a material particularly appropriate for use as protection against radiation. Its density, its physical properties and its price have made it an excellent ally for radiologic protection.


Navylest foundry has a modern, performant chain of production for melting lead. Our lead products for the radio-protection sector are of remarkable quality as far as chemical composition and the quality of its surface.
Thanks to continuous controls and tests conducted for product performance by specialized agencies in quality standards.

Our clients benefit from quick service for our standard lead pieces as well as for our custom pieces.

Our policies in the radio-protection sector