Lead sheet and bricks

Lead sheet and bricks

Navylest lead foundry produces lead sheets for the radio-protection industrial sectors.

Lead sheets made in our foundry are essentially used for counterweights. The thickness and the shapes are realized according to our clients needs.

We deliver in a timely fashion.

radioprotection : plaque en plomb

Lead chevron

Navylest lead foundry produces lead chevrons to protect against radioactive radiation.

Our lead chevrons objective are to shield cells and assure a protection for workers from x-rays and gamma when they are handling and stocking radioactive materials.

Our bricks or lead chevrons are pure at 99.99 with an alloy of 3 to 4%. The antimonies purpose is that it hardens the lead bricks to insure their construction is stable and to avoid pieces from suffering from distortion, the hardness also allows the fabrication of pieces in lead.

Our different types of lead chevrons :

  • Chevron normal base
  • Chevron normal ordinary
  • Chevron normal vertex
  • Chevron normal base left end
  • Chevron normal vertex left end
  • Chevron corner base
  • Chevron ordinary corner
  • Chevron end vertex
Radioprotection : brique en plomb